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Check Your MEPCO Bill

Have you yet to receive your MEPCO electricity bill for July or have you lost it? No worries, provides an easy & free solution to check MEPCO bill online.

Simply enter your 14-digit reference number or 10 digit customer id to check or download the duplicate copy of your Multan bill.

Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your bill as shown in the below picture.
online  bill check Reference Number

Receive MEPCO Web Bill As An Email

It is sometimes necessary to save your bill for later use. A hard copy, however, is not a good option if you need it frequently. While anyone can access it easily from their inbox. We provide a free solution to receive your latest WAPDA bill in your email inbox instantly. 

So, enter your reference number, email and select bill type to receive your bill copy in your inbox.

Instantly Receive Bill As an email
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How to Check Bill Payment Status

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature on! You can now easily check your previous bill payment status with just a few clicks. Simply visit the MEPCO Bill History to access your last 12 months’ bill information.

This includes details such as your bill amount, payment status (paid amount) , and units consumed for each respective month. Take a look at the image below to understand on how to check your bill payment status and other important bill information. Stay informed and manage your bills effortlessly with!

payment status

Note: You can only check your previous 12 months’ bill information through this. For current bill payment status, please use any banking application.

Receive MEPCO Bill As SMS

MEPCO also provides bill information to its customers through SMS. So, you can access your bill through SMS as well. In order to get your bill information as SMS, just Type ‘pitc<space><14 digit reference number>’ and send it to 8334.

How to check and print MEPCO Bill Online

  • To check your Multan duplicate bill online, just enter your 14-digit reference number or 10 digit customer id without any space in the above form.
  • Click the check bill button to check your bill.
  • If you see an error ‘Bill Not Found’, then either you have entered the reference number incorrectly or you have selected the wrong bill type.
  • To download or print your bill, click on the print button or press Ctrl+p.
  • If you want to save the bill as PDF then select ‘save as PDF’ from the destination dropdown.
  • If you want to print your bill, select the attached printer and click on the print button.
There is no difference between orignal and duplicate copy

About MEPCO:

MEPCO  (Multan Electric Power Company)  was founded on 14th May 1998. It’s the largest power distribution company in Pakistan and covers 13 districts of southern Punjab. It is liscensed by NEPRA. MEPCO generates electricity through water (hydroelectric power). 

How to pay MEPCO Bill

After checking the bill, the main goal is to pay it on time to avoid any service interruptions. There are two ways to pay your MEPCO bill. One is the old and traditional way in which you visit any bank, post office or retail shop and stand in a long queue to pay your bill. The other way is to pay your bill online which is fast, secure and time-saving. To learn about payment options in detail, please read our article on MEPCO Bill Payment.

MEPCO New Connection. 

If you have purchased a new home or property, you may need to apply for a new connection. Similarly, if you are looking to change an existing connection, the process will also apply. This process applies to both domestic and commercial users.
 It involves submitting an application, undergoing a site inspection by the MEPCO team, getting a price estimate, getting permission, and finally getting the electricity connected. To learn more about the process, please read our article on MEPCO new connection.

Customer Services Improvement Plans

  • Revamped Service Centers: MEPCO has upgraded their RCC at MEPCO HQ in Multan and the Complaint Centers in each circle. All complaint centers are now integrated with the RCC.
  • Ministry Complaint Center: A new complaint center has been established at HQ to ensure timely resolution of complaints.
  • Accurate Billing: MEPCO is using advanced technology like Hand Held Units (HHUs) and installing AMR/Smart Meters to ensure accurate billing.
  • Online Services: Customers can now make payments and access duplicate billing online.
  • Toll-Free Complaint Line: Report electricity theft by calling our toll-free number 0800-63726.
  • Customer Complaint Management System: MEPCO has established Customer Complaint Management System for online complaint registration and tracking. The portal also provides the feeder wise details like load shedding schedule and connection details.
  • Billing Information: Your electricity bill now includes a 12-month history of your consumption and payments for your reference.

Areas Under MEPCO:

MEPCO is responsible to distribute energy to 13 districts of south Punjab. If you live in any of the following listed districts then you are a MEPCO consumer.

BahawalpurRahim Yar khanBahawalnagar
SahiwalRajanpurDera Ghazi Khan

8 Useful Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills? If so, these guidelines will help you cut your bill significantly.

  1. Turn off extra lights.
  2. Use fluorescent lamps instead of conventional lamps.
  3. Minimize the use of high-power-consuming devices such as air conditioners, electric heaters, water pumps, microwave ovens, and washing machines. 
  4. Use minimal electricity between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  5. Always set the air conditioner thermostat to 26 degrees.
  6. Use low-power consumption machines in industries.
  7. Always use quality cables for wiring
  8. Unplug the charger when the mobile is fully charged.

Install TOU/TOD meter  

The TOU/TOD meter has different rates per unit (Tariff) for Peak hours and off-peak hours. So, you can reduce your bill by using less energy during Peak hours. So, If your meter is not a TOU/TOD meter then you can apply for it by submitting an application in your respective subdivision.

MEPCO Peak Hours are as follows:
December to February5 pm to 9 pm
March to May6 pm to 10 pm
June to August7 pm to 11 pm
September to November6 pm to 10 pm
MEPCO Peak hours

Consumers’ Safety Guidelines By MEPCO

Today our life is incomplete without electricity, but if used carelessly, electricity can prove dangerous for us. A little carelessness can lead to tragedy. It is very important to observe all the safety measures to avoid any unpleasant incident. So, follow these guidelines issued by MEPCO

  • If you see a power line lying on the ground, please inform the nearest complaint center immediately. You can also call the MEPCO helpline at 061-9220169
  • Never use power cables for hanging clothes.
  • Animals should not be tied to electricity poles
  • Always use quality cables for wiring
  • Try to use a three-pin shoe for all types of electrical appliances.
  • The naked wires should be repaired immediately.
  • God forbid, If a person gets entangled with electricity, a wooden rod should be used to get him free
  • Never touch any electric appliance when your hands or clothes are wet.

Extension Of Due Date Of MEPCO Bill

Sometimes it happens that you couldn’t pay the MEPCO bill within the due date and you have to pay the late surcharge for paying after the due date.

But if you don’t want to pay the late surcharge, you can apply for an extension on the due date. Only a few officers of MEPCO have the right to extend the due date of customers. Their rights also vary according to your bill amount and the extension you need. 

Here are the details of MEPCO officers whom you can contact to extend your due date.

  • AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can extend the due date by 3 days for bills upto R.s 10,000 
  • DMO (Deputy Manager Operation)  can extend the due date by 3 days for bills upto R.s 25,000 
  • MO (Manager Operation) can extend the due date by 5 days for bills upto R.s 200,000
  • CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can extend the due date by 5 days for bills upto R.s 500,000
  • CEO (chief executive officer) can extend the due date by 10 days for any amount of the bill.

MEPCO Bill Installment Procedure

Electricity prices are increasing every other day and everyone is worried because of high electricity bills. If you don’t pay your bill, your connection would be suspended. But sometimes your electricity bill is too high to pay in one go. Therefore, MEPCO has introduced an installment facility for consumers. In this way, you will be able to pay your bill in installments.

Here are the details of MEPCO officers whom you can contact to apply for installments.

  • AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can allow 3 installments for bills up to Rs 10,000 for running connection and up to Rs 20,000 for disconnected connection. 
  • DMO (Deputy Manager Operation)  can allow 3 installments for bills up to Rs 2,00,000 for running connection and up to Rs 100,000 for disconnected connection.  
  • MO (Manager Operation) can allow 4 installments for bills up to Rs 2,00,000 for running connection and up to Rs 5,00,000 for disconnected connection. 
  • CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can allow 12 installments for running connection and 6 installments for disconnected connection for bills up to Rs.10,00,000. 
  • CEO (chief executive officer) : Full Powers.

Taxes In WAPDA Electricity Bill

Apart from high electricity rates, you also pay many taxes on your MEPCO bill. The detail of taxes is as follows:


Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is decided by Nepra based on the difference in fuel prices and generation mix. If the fuel cost in a specific month is more than the reference cost, then an average amount is added to the bill of all consumers. If the fuel cost is less than the reference cost then an average amount is subtracted from the bill of all consumers.

F.C. Surcharge

The Financing Cost Surcharge is applicable to all consumers at the rate of 43 paise per unit. The collection of the Financing Cost Surcharge is used in the repayment of the loans. 


Rs.35 is added to your MEPCO bill to generate funds for Pakistan Television(PTV).


QUARTERLY  TARIFF ADJUSTMENT is not applied every month but usually every 3 months


17% of the cost of electricity is added to your bill as General sales tax (GST).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How can I check my MEPCO bill payment status?

You can use any online application like JazzCash or Easypaisa to check whether your latest bill is paid or not.  These applications can also be used for electricity bill payment.

I don’t have an old MEPCO bill, how can I find my reference number to check the bill?

Your reference number is the same on all your old bills. You can find your reference number through any of your old bills. If you don’t have any old bills then you can check your reference number through CCMS by entering your registered mobile number.

How can I apply for bill correction?

You can call on 061-9220169 for bill correction.

Is there any mepco information System?
Yes, MEPCO MIS is an online information desk which can be accessed by mepco employees.

Can I check my MEPCO bill with the CNIC number?

No, you can’t check the bill with your CNIC number. You need your reference number or consumer Id to check your bill online.

My electricity was disconnected due to non-payment. Now that I have paid my dues, how can I get my connection restored?

All disconnected connections will be reconnected after clearing their dues. The Reconnection Order (RCO) is authorized by the Customer Service Officer (CSO).

In the case of defaulters, all dues must be collected from the consumer before reconnection. The consumer will also need to sign a stamp paper affidavit stating that if any dues or current bills remain unpaid, the supply can be disconnected immediately. Besides this paperwork, a security deposit according to current rates must be submitted, and a new agreement will be signed before the connection is restored. Supply will be restored after the payment of the first installment and completion of all formalities.

How to resolve the low voltage issue in the area?

Contact your local SDO/XEN/SE. They will address the issue at their level. If necessary, they will refer to MEPCO headquarters for further assistance.

What are the different types of industrial consumers and who are the relevant approving authorities ?

Tariff-IFor load up to 40 KWDeputy Manager
Tariff-IIFrom 41 KW to 500 KWManager
Tariff-IIIFor load up to 5000 KWCEO

How can dangerous obstacles such as poles or wires be eliminated on the path of a door or alley??

The poles or wires were set up before the houses or roads were built in your area. Write to the person in charge of operations in your area. They will figure out how much it might cost to remove the poles or wires. You’ll have to pay this cost if you want them moved.