MEPCO MIS – Management Information System

MEPCO MIS is an online portal developed by PITC for their staff usage. MEPCO staff members can login the portal and check or update the consumers billing information. This portal is developed to facilitate the employees so that they can access and manage everything digitally.

mepco mis

How MEPCO MIS Can be accessed:

MEPCO MIS portal is only accessible to mepco’s employees through the registered credentials. The registration process is not online. The relevant employee has to fill the user-creation form in order to get his credentials for the portal. The form then will be sent to the relevant officer. Upon approval, the employee gets the credentials for the mepco mis portal.  The same is required for updating the credentials for any employee.  

The user creation form can be accessed from the link below.

Note: If you are a FESCO consumer, visit fesco online bill.

MEPCO MIS Features:

MEPCO has made everything accessible and manageable through this portal.  Below are some of the features of this amazing portal.

Bill Correction:

This portal provided the facility to correct the consumer’s bills online. In this way, this mepco mis online portal is beneficial for both the consumers and the mepco employees.  It is beneficial for the consumer because their bill correction requests can be addressed online quickly.  For employees, it is beneficial as they don’t have to check the consumers’ complaints on paper form which is difficult to manage. However, it is easy to manage them through this online portal.

Defaulters Tracking: 

Through this portal, monthly and daily lists of defaulters can be accessed.  MEPCO is determined to eliminate power theft. Therefore, they are identifying the defaulters and updating their lists in  this portal so that strict actions can be taken against them.

Daily Reports:

Daily report of the MEPCO is also available through this portal. This report includes batch wise billing statistics, division wise assessment report, daily mepco billing status, missing batches report,extra heavy bills, defective meter details and bill printing status

Revenue Report:

Revenue report is also available online through this portal. This report includes cash collection, online cash division wise, receivables and tariff wise billing.

All these features have made this portal very useful for the mepco staff members.