Check LESCO Duplicate Bill online 2024

Do you receive your LESCO bill late ? No worries, enables you to check your LESCO duplicate Bill online which becomes available earlier than the physical copy. Simply enter your 14-digit reference number to check your duplicate lesco bill.

Check Your LESCO Bill
Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your LESCO bill as shown in the below picture.
LESCO reference number

Get Your LESCO Web Bill As Email Instantly

It is difficult to carry the physical copy of your bill. While it is very easy to carry the digital copy in your email inbox. provides your LESCO bill summary in your email inbox instantly. Simply enter your bill reference number below and get your bill summary in your email inbox.

Instantly Receive Bill As an email

How to get LESCO Bill As SMS

To get your LESCO Bill , enter your mobile number in your bill at the bottom which will be sent to LESCO when you pay the bill through bank or any retailer shop. Please see the image below to understand where you need to enter the mobile number.

LESCO Bill Calculator also provides you an estimation of your LESCO electricity bill according to the NEPRA tariff. Please visit Bill Estimator and enter your consumed units to get an estimation of your electricity bill.


Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is an electric distribution company that supplies electricity to the districts of Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana and Kasur.  

LESCO came into existence as a result of unbundling of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in Pakistan. Its aim was to create distribution companies that could provide more efficient, customer-oriented and localized electricity services. Lesco was one of those companies.

How to check LESCO Bill at

  1. Enter your 14-digit reference number in the specified form and enter the check bill button.
  2. You will be redirected to the bill summary page where you can check your bill due amount, due date, late payment surcharge , bill payment status and paid amount. 
  3. Click on view complete bill to check the complete bill. As the complete bill is captcha protected so you to enter the captcha code to view the complete bill
  4. Save the bill as a pdf or print the bill.

Multan and Faisalabad division residents can check also check theirs bills at

LESCO Operation Circles

1.North Lahore Circle6 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
2.Central Lahore Circle7 Divisions / 32 Sub Divisions
3.Eastern Lahore Circle4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
4.Okara Circle5 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
5.South-Eastern LHR Circle6 Divisions /27 Sub Divisions
6.Sheikhupura Circle4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
7.Kasur Circle5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
8.Nankana Circle4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions

LESCO Peak hours

It is recommended to use minimum electricity during peak hours as the tariff is very high during these hours. Therefore, high usage of electricity during these hours can make your electricity bill very high. Please check below the peak hours

SeasonPeak TimingOff-Peak Timing
Dec to Feb5 PM to 9 PMRemaining 20 hours
Mar to May6 PM to 10 PM-do-
Jun to Aug7 PM to 11 PM-do-
Sep to Nov6 PM to 10 PM-do-

LESCO Helpline

If you have any general query or  need any help, you can call LESCO helpline at  118 Or SMS at 8118.  For any complain, please contact at below numbers

  1. 0320-0520022
  2. 0320-0520210
  3. 0320-0580432

For Bill correction and bill installment requests, contact the superintendent engineer of your circle. Contact information of superintendent engineers of each circle is as follows

Okara circle0320-0521400
Kasur Circle0320-0521700
Sheikhupura Circle0320-0521600
Southern Lahore Circle0320-0521500
Eastern Lahore Circle0320-0521300
Central Lahore Circle0320-0521200
Northern Lahore Circle0320-0521100
Nankana Circle0320-0521800


If you don’t pay your bill within the due date, then you have to pay a late surcharge. In order to avoid the late payment surcharge, you can request to extend your due date. You can even apply for the installments if you can’t pay the bill in one go.  

Following are the details of LESCO officers whom you can contact to apply for installments and due date extension.

Competent OfficerExtension of due date for payment of billsInstallments of Bills
SDO/AM(O) RO/AM(CS)Maximum 03 days for bills up to Rs. 50,000/-03 monthly installments for amount of bill up to Rs. 50,000/-
XEN/DM(O)Maximum 03 days for bills up to Rs. 200,000/-03 monthly installments for amount of bill up to Rs. 200,000/-
SE/Manager (O)Maximum 05 days for bills up to Rs. 500,000/-04 monthly installments for amount of bill up to Rs. 500,000/-
Director CommercialMaximum 05 days for bills up to Rs. 1000,000/-05 monthly installments for amount of bill up to Rs. 1000,000/-
CSDMaximum 08 days for bills up to Rs. 20 Million12 monthly installments for amount of bill up to Rs. 20 Million
CEOMaximum 10 days for all amountFull powers for all amount

LESCO New connection:

If you want to get a new LESCO connection, then you have two options. Either you can fill the application form online through ENC  and send the relevant document to your  division office or you can download the application form from here and visit your division office personally to apply for the new connection. You can even  apply for a name change or load for an existing connection.  Please visit our article on new connection for detailed instructions.

If you have any query, feel free to contact us at [email protected].